Client: Plocher Construction
Location: University of Illinois
Project: UIUC-Illinois Street Residence Dining Renovation & Addition

Scope of work:  Saw cut and remove approximately 240’ of 36” wide concrete overhang to accommodate new construction in the building.

Challenges:  The concrete where the separation had to be made was approximately 21” thick.
Concrete could not be cut free unless it was supported to protect the integrity of the concrete that was to remain.
Concrete would need to be removed as it was cut free in order to keep the work area safe.

Solutions:  Make relief cuts every 7’ in order to create concrete pieces weighing approximately 5,000 lbs each.
Selectively place post shores to hold overhang in place as sections are removed.
Use wall saw system with 54” diameter blade to cut and release pieces.
Utilize CAT 336 with grapple to stabilize and remove concrete as it is being cut.